“Our mission is to provide value to your business, not extract from it”

At Buen Crypto Consulting we are experts in navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape Blockchain Technology and Digital Asset Markets present. We support traditional industries to create  opportunities from challenges they face from new and evolving technology. Our clients span industries across IT, Finance, Crypto Exchanges, Legal, Real Estate, Construction and Oil & Gas and we support blockchain and digital assets integration into their businesses.


Our team has decades of experience in IT Transformation, Financial Services, Oil & Gas which is complemented by our hands on knowledge of investing in digital assets. At Buen Crypto Consulting we bring traditional industry knowledge and credibility to the Blockchain and Digital Asset sector. Our comprehensive suite of services includes Project Management and Consulting Services in Regulations (VASP license, EMI license and MiCA) Blockchain Transformation, Compliance and AML, Digital Assets, Tokenization, NFT’s, Metaverse and Web3 to this niche market. Our team will assist your business navigate and implement new technology solutions or invest in digital assets, providing you with tailored solutions unique to your business needs. In recent months Buen Crypto Consulting has expanded our Research and Development function to create Buen Labs, an innovation-oriented entity to create and incubate projects. Through our product incubator Buen Labs- designs , builds, and releases products to market targeting Commercial and Retail clients. Industry knowledge plays an important role, and it is the experience of our executive team in the blockchain and digital asset sector that complements our product development strategy so well. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and our company values are at the core of our offering.

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